The First Patent

First Patent for a Turbo-jet Filed by Frank Whittle, 16.03.30


Frank Whittle filed this, the first ever patent for a gas turbine to propel an aircraft directly by its exhaust gas on 16th January 1930, when age 22 and a Flying Instructor in the RAF.

It shows the air passing through a single- stage axial-flow turbine, then a centrifugal compressor, before entering a number of radially-arranged combustion chambers and exhausting through a 2 stage axial-flow turbine on the same shaft as the compressor. Modern small gas turbines follow a similar layout.

Once granted, the patent was published but lapsed when Whittle could not afford the renewal fee of £5.

First Patent


1. Axial compressor casing
2. Intake
3. Compressor body
4. Compressor blades
5. Stator blades
7. Centrifugal compressor
8. Compressor outlet
9. Elbow
10. Combustion chambers
11. Fuel injector
13. Turbine disk
14. Turbine blades
15. Stator blades
16. Shaft
17. Divergent nozzle ring.